Going Public with a SPAC: Pros and Cons

Is a SPAC the right path to going public for your company?

In a year defined by historic economic and social disruption, traditional paths to raising capital are being pushed aside in favor of other options. One of the hottest alternative methods is SPACs, Special Purpose Acquisition Companies. SPACs have made an impact on Wall Street this year like never before and are responsible for raising record-breaking amounts of capital. In fact, a number of high-profile companies, including DraftKings, Virgin Galactic, and Nikola Motor all went public via merging with SPACs, forgoing a traditional IPO.

However, is a SPAC right for you? Join MGO and Bridge Point Capital as we take a deep dive into what is behind the growing popularity of SPACs’ and the different scenarios where one could potentially benefit from them.


Topics include:

  • SPAC market overview

  • SPAC structures

  • Comparing traditional IPO and SPAC

  • The advantages and risks of SPACs

  • The SPAC IPO process

  • Industry case studies


Webinar Date and Time

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Session1: 9 am – 9:45 am PT/12 pm – 12:45 pm ET, October 1st,  2020

Session2: 9 pm – 9:45 pm ET, October 1st/ 9 am – 9:45 am China Standard Time, October 2nd, 2020 (Mandarin Subtitles)



Moderator:  Scott Hammon, Assurance Partner, MGO

Panelists:     Mark Young, Co-Founder, Bridge Point Capital

                      Nadia Tian, Co-Founder, Bridge Point Capital

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